About us

Epos Fact is a British company seeking to provide cost effective solutions to big point of sale problems. A special blend of reliable hardware and efficient, ground-breaking software; we are a team that is dedicated to the needs of the customer.

The product was born from a mixture of experiences. Having worked in hospitality, retail and media; I saw that there was a problem that I can solve. As a business owner I have seen the frustrations of a poor POS system. Not only does the owner suffer, but so does customer service and ultimately the business at large. Mistakes in totalling up bills, long queues due to manual or slow EPOS system billing and mistakes with cash handover. Small restaurants and business cannot afford these issues. Other quality EPOS systems are generally out of the price range of these businesses.

That is why Epos Fact is here. Top quality hardware, special efficient software created by skilled software developing professionals; all for a very cost effective price.

‘With Epos Fact; sell fast, sell large and sell reliably.’ I look forward to helping you and your business thrive.

Our Latest E-Pos

Hospitality E-Pos System(Black)

£ 1,995.00 £1,495.00


Most Seller

Retail E-Pos System(White)

£ 2,095.00 £1,595.00


Our Latest Product

Restaurant & Takeaway, Charity Shop, Retail, Schools & Colleges, Warehousing, eCommerce and many more.